Project Description


Financing your vehicle is an important factor of any vehicle purchase; selecting the most suitable finance alternative for your individual needs is essential. Your financial situation, personal repayment preferences, business and credit score can all have an impact on selecting the most suitable finance from the many types available to you at Anthony Motors. We understand this and we work with you and our finance partners to make a deal that is right for you.

Financial Services:

We provide the simplest method of owning your vehicle. Anthony Motors is the ideal partner for private and corporate customers, getting you in your new vehicle sooner. Our services entails fleet and single purchases and we provide expert support and information regarding financing and leasing, insurance, novated leases, dealer financing and company car pools/fleet deals.

Whether you need a tax deduction or simply prefer monthly payments, we have the right solution for you.


Loan Contract

Loan Finance for the term of up to five years. The minimum value is $5000. This product is one of the most popular choices for used vehicle financing.

Hire Purchase

Choice for Semi-employed people, employees with car allowance and companies. Payments can be amortized over the whole contract period or structured around a balloon payment. This plan can enable the car buyer to achieve desired tax savings or a more comfortable monthly repayment, even both.

Traditional Finance

We offer you a choice of terms at current rates. You can pay off your balance in full without financial penalty’s, or lengthen the term at any time.

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A finance lease from Anthony Motors is a flexible way to obtain your vehicle with little or no outlay.

We believe that financing your vehicle should be a simple and stress free exercise. Our trained finance professional can arrange the right package for you and have you driving the car you want at the repayment you want to make. They can have an application processed, and approved and you off on your way within the hour.

So if it is a car for personal or business use Anthony Motors are focused on showing you how easy it can be. Please contact us for any further information you require or even an application pre approval over the phone.