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As a provider of extended warranty for cars, Anthony Motors is a natural choice for anyone who wants to protect their vehicle for the long run.


Basic car warranty coverage, also known as bumper to bumper coverage, covers everything on your car except normal wear and tear items such as windshield wipers, hoses, belts and tires. Basic coverage often goes hand in hand with power train coverage.


The powertrain on your car is everything that makes the car run. The engine, transmission, driveshaft and axles are usually included.

Corrosion & Rust

Anthony Motors has a car warranty coverage for corrosion and rust usually only applies if the rust goes all the way through the metal. If your vehicle develops surface rust or corrosion, it’s not covered.

Roadside Service

Includes some parts. It includes free towing, tire changes with your spare and jump starts. Some cover gas delivery if you run out of fuel and lock outs if you accidentally lock your keys inside. Some even cover rental car reimbursement if you have a major breakdown in your car.

Wrap Warranties

Specialised bumper-to-bumper coverage for vehicles with powertrain warranties that run longer than bumper-to-bumper warranty. This excludes the corresponding of coverage of your powertrain and makes coverage more affordable.

Warranty Extensions

Extended warranties are also known as Vehicle Service Contracts or Maintenance Agreement policies. It is s a contract between you and a warranty company, dealer or manufacturer, whereby the Obligor agrees to pay for specific repairs for a certain range and/or time frame. Extended warranties will also cover you for “seals and gaskets” and “wear-and-tear” and when searching for coverage.

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Protect your vehicle through Anthony Motor’s warranty extension.

All our vehicles come with standard dealer warranty for your added protection. If you would like an extension on your warranty, ask us for more information today. Naturally, just like new car warranty, standard warranty does not cover wear and tear, user damage, neglect, or scheduled replacement items. All our vehicles are run through quality checks to ensure the best possible vehicle for you.